Behnaz Behmand

Research Associate
Ph.D. in Radiation Sciences and Biomedical Imaging
Radiobiology and Microdosimetry


Dr. Behnaz Behmand graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied Physics from Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran. She obtained her M.Sc. in Condensed Matter Physics as well as her Ph.D. in Radiation Sciences and Biomedical Imaging from Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada. During her Ph.D. she developed interest in the mechanism by which platinum-based chemotherapy agents sensitize DNA due to the indirect effects of ionizing radiation. In 2017, she joined the Laboratory of Interactions, Dynamics and Laser (LIDYL) at French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Saclay, France; where she studied radical species of tetramolecular G-quadruplexes, resulting from photo-ionization using nanosecond transient absorption. In 2019, she joined Dr. Shirin Abbasinejad Enger’s lab as a postodoctoral fellow followed by a Research Associate position.

Current Projects

Dr. Behnaz Behmand is investigating the correlation between induction of DNA double strand breaks and size of the cell nuclei, DNA content and chromatin compaction in different cancer cell lines following irradiation with different radiation qualities. Results from her studies will be used to develop computational models and predict radiation induced damage, which will help us understand which patients will benefit from radiotherapy treatments with a certain radiation quality.


Babik, Joud; Chabaytah, Naim; Behmand, Behnaz; Connell, Tanner; Evans, Michael; Ruo, Russell; Poirier, Y; Enger, Shirin A.

Characterization of the Relative Biological Effectiveness of a Range of Photon Energies for Irradiation of HeLa and PC-3 Cell Lines Inproceedings

In: MEDICAL PHYSICS, pp. E980–E980, WILEY 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA 2022.


Dev, Sachin; Behmand, Behnaz; Pater, Piotr; Enger, Shirin A.

To Establish Correlation Between Physical Microdosimetric Quantities Such as Dose Mean Lineal Energy, Target Size and Biological Endpoints Such as DNA Double Strand Breaks in HeLa Cells Irradiated with Iridium-192 High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source and 225kV X-Rays Inproceedings

In: MEDICAL PHYSICS, pp. E345–E345, WILEY 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA 2022.



Behmand, Behnaz; Evans, Michael D. C.; Kamio, Yuji; Enger, Shirin A.

Correlation between Radiation-induced Foci from 192Ir Brachytherapy and Tumor Nuclei Size Presentation

World Congress of Brachytherapy (WCB) - Online, 06.05.2021.



Behmand, Behnaz; Kamio, Yuji; Evans, Michael D. C.; Enger, Shirin A.

Correlation Between Radiation-Induced Foci and Tumor Nuclei Size Distribution Presentation

AAPM | COMP Virtual Meeting, 12.07.2020.