Josephine La Macchia

M.Sc. Student 
Medical Physics Unit
Department of Oncology

Novel Brachytherapy Technology


Josephine is a Master’s student in Dr. Enger’s lab. She has a B.Sc. in Honours Medical and Biological Physics Co-op, from McMaster University.

Current Projects

Personalized Radioembolization Dosimetry for Holmium-166
Radioembolization can be used to treat liver metastasis. It is a targeted internal radiation technique involving the use of a catheter to direct and administer microspheres containing radioisotopes (in this case Holmium-166, Ho-166) into the chosen hepatic artery. The goal of this research is to improve the Ho-166 dosimetry by investigating the three voxel based dosimetry methods through Monte Carlo simulations, via various methods. The limitations and accuracy of each of the methods will be investigated and compared with the MIRD method.