Sachin Dev

Ph.D. Student
Department of Physics
Radiobiology and Microdosimetry
+1 (514) 448-6941


Sachin Dev received his M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. He was a clinical Medical Physicist in India. He joined the Enger Lab as a Ph.D. student from Open Health Systems Laboratory, USA where he worked remotely as a Research Associate on Indo-US radiation oncology projects. Sachin is a part of the Enger Lab Radiobiology and Microdosimetry group.

Current Projects

Sachin Dev is investigating correlation between physical microdosimetric quantities and biological endpoints such as DNA double strand breaks and cell survival for different cell lines irradiated with different beam qualities under Dr. Enger’s supervision. The final goal of project is to develop a radiobiological model based on microdosimetry and radiobiology.