Parsa Bagherzadeh

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Oncology

Artificial Intelligence


Parsa Bagherzadeh obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Concordia University under the supervision of Professor Sabine Bergler, and he was a proud member of the CLaC lab (Computational Linguistics at Concordia). In his PhD, he focused on the integration of external knowledge sources for language processing, specifically biomedical text processing. He has a masters in Artificial Intelligence from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, and a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Birjand, Iran. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University, where he focuses on Natural Language Processing techniques to leverage clinical text reports for cancer treatment outcome prediction.  

Current Projects

Development of Natural Language Processing Systems for Treatment Outcome Prediction for Cancer Patients
This project focuses on advancing Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems to predict treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Through the analysis of medical texts and patient records, the aim is to enhance the accuracy of prognostic assessments, facilitating more personalized and effective cancer treatment strategies.