Yuliya Shpunarska

Undergraduate student

Department of Physics

Detector Development Group


Yuliya is a senior-year physics student at McGill with an interest in multidisciplinary research.

Current Projects

Characterizing the Energy Dependence of the MedScint Detector at Low Photon Energies

This project aims to determine the useability of the new MedScint detector in low-energy radiotherapy and research. This detector is a plastic scintillation detector (PSD), which are known to report dose to water. However, this is known to be inexact at low energies: the doses tend to be underreported due to the water non-equivalence of plastic and ionization quenching. Using a mix of measurements and Monte Carlo simulations, the two phenomena can be isolated and quantified to obtain a comparison of the performance this PSD to the standard for this energy range.