Jingyi Bian

M.Sc. Student
Medical Physics
Detector Development
(873) 992 9289


Jingyi was born and raised in China. She received her B.Sc. with a major in Physics in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). She is currently in the second year of her M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics at McGill University. She joined Enger Lab at the end of the first year and has been working on development of a hydrated electron dosimeter.

Current Projects

Hydrated Electron Dosimeter For Radiotherapy Applications
Jingyi is developing and optimizing a hydrated electron dosimeter for radiotherapy applications. Hydrated electron dosimetry consist of measuring absorbed radiation dose to water by monitoring the concentration of hydrated electrons, which are short-lived radicals produced by the radiolysis of water – using rapid absorption spectrophotometry.