Diane Alvarez

Ph.D. Student
Department of Physics

Radiobiology and Microdosimetry


Diane Alvarez is a medical physicist at the Miami Cancer Institute. She obtained her M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics at Louisiana State University in 2013. She has decided to pursue a Ph.D. in physics at Florida International University and is collaborating on a medical physics project with Dr. Enger from McGill University as co-adviser. Her clinical and research interests lie in the radiopharmaceutical modality Y-90 microspheres in the application of liver radioembolization.

Current Projects

Liver Contouring Technique – comparing different methods of drawing liver volumes and the impact on Y-90 activity calculation

Quantitative SPECT/CT calibration for Y-90 imaging – Determining the optimal imaging and reconstruction protocols for imaging post Y-90 liver radioembolization patients

Monte Carlo (MC) validation of Y-90 radiation transport – Experimental measurement of Y-90 spectrum and validating modeled Y-90 radiation transport using MC methods