Happy Holidays from EngerLab!

We want to wish you all Happy Holidays on behalf of everyone at the EngerLab.

Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of the Enger Lab members, 2021 was very successful. Despite the challenges due to Covid 19 pandemic, the Enger Lab graduated 4 M.Sc. students (Alana Thibodeau-Antonacci, Alaina Bui, Ali Ali, Shingyu Peter Kim) and 1 Ph.D. student (Marc Morcos). Congratulations all!

We have published 6 peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals and had 23 presentations at major scientific conferences. We welcomed 5 new PhD students (Alana Thibodeau-Antonacci, Azin EsmaelBeigi, Sachin Dev, Mélodie Cyr, Sebastien Quetin), 4 new MSc students (Hossein Jafarzadeh, Yujing Zou, Jingyi Bian, Víctor Díaz Martínez), 4 research assistants (Youstina Elkommos Daoud, Joanna Li, Joud Babik, Naim Chabaytah).

Several students received prestigious scholarships and awards (Luca Weishaupt, Alana Thibodeau-Antonacci, Hossein Jafarzadeh, Liam Carroll, Yujing Zou). We contributed to international reports to improve the dosimetry for radiotherapy treatments and organized an eight-week-long workshop series called McMedHacks Medical Image Analysis and Deep Learning in Python with 356 participants from 38 countries (Yujing Zou, Luca Weishaupt).

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