EngerLab presented research at the Annual Celebration of Research and Training in Oncology (CORTO)! Congratulations to Liam Carroll, Jonathan Kalinowski, Joanna Li, and Yujing Zou for their excellent presentations.

The presentations are described as follows:

  1. Liam Carroll (Ph.D. Student), Shirin A. Enger, RADIAN-PET: Towards Accessible Dynamic Positron Emission Tomography, Oral Presentation.
  1. Jonathan Kalinowski (M.Sc. Student), Te Vuong, Shirin A. Enger. Clinical translation of rectal intensity modulated brachytherapy for feasibility and safety studies. Poster Presentation.   
  2. Joanna. Li, Naim Chabaytah, Joud Babik, Behnaz Behmand, Hamed Bekerat, Tanner Connell, Michael Evans, Russell Ruo, Te Vuong, Shirin. A. Enger. Relative biological effectiveness characterization of photon radiation qualities for human cancer cell lines. Poster Presentation.
  3. Yujing Zou, Magali Lecavalier-Barsoum, Manuela Pelmus, Farhad Maleki, Shirin A. Enger. Impact of tumor nuclei size variation for post-radiotherapy recurrence outcome of GYN patients. Poster Presentation.

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